tripper - full album

Certain things September 7, 2013

There are certain things that are better left unsaid, undone and unasked.

tripper - full album

Outside September 7, 2013

I was waiting for you all day long, from the time you left in the morning till the magic moment of your arrival.

tripper - full album

Sharon Stone IS TO blame September 7, 2013

The song explains itself, “she made me do it all”

tripper - full album

Soft boy September 7, 2013

An important part of my therapy is about going clubbing. I do it religiously and take it very seriously. But this boy didn’t get it.

tripper - full album

Above the world September 7, 2013

This is a nice story. My step son (yes, I am a step mom) wrote a poem for school. I took it and made it a song.

tripper - full album

I Can’t FAIL – Rudy DISCO September 7, 2013

This is a positive expression of my thoughts feelings towards this project.

tripper - full album

´╗┐Song TO the DEVIL September 7, 2013

This is a desperate expression of my thoughts and feeling towards this project.

tripper - full album

I’m OK September 7, 2013

It tells the story of a close friendship that got to it’s natural end.

tripper - full album

HEROES (version) September 7, 2013

Finally this cover represents two very important things to me in relation to art/life: One, my endless admiration towards David Bowie and his work and two; a profound belief of mine that I wish to share, we CAN and we ARE heroes. It was the only way I could conclude this album.

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