Corporal Moore

Argentinian Vocalist/DJ/Producer.

She was born in Buenos Aires but lived most of her life in Bahia Blanca until she was 18 and finished school, moving back to Bs.As to study music.

While being in several bands over the years, touring and recording her outlet was clubbing but never thought of Djing just yet.

"With electronic music I let go of any structures and build a new system in my body and mind. I can reorganize myself"

Tired of the constant struggle in underground pop scene, playing in "Noviembre Electrónico" at the Centro Cultural San Martín for two years in a row, winning recording hours in an open contest called "Estamos Grabando" del Gobierno de la Ciudad, recording a couple of albums and EPs, making video clips and no more money, she closed that chapter and begun djing with "no expectations, just for fun".

Soon she became the resident of a private party that grew too much (if that concept even exists), playing clubs, burning man and making djing a full time job.

Now she is producing her own tracks, other artists and her own nights: "+ s u a v e" at Cocoliche, a very mystic basement. Playing a rol and growing in the Buenos Aires' lgbtq techno community.

" I play to deconstruct and rebuild in peoples minds new ever evolving structures. Take them where they’ve never been before and where they’ll never go again. I believe in making them sense the energy of the universe flowing through while dancing, encourage their minds to feel free and curious. Clear hypnotic basslines, cold and disciplined uptempo beats, warm melodies and what I find very interesting vocals are my spaceship. "

  • Fagot Party, Fetish Techno - Bs.As.
  • LOCA - El Dorado, Bs.As.
  • ENTRENAR la Fiesta de O.R.G.I.E. - Margarita Xirgu, Bs.As
  • DURX - Requiem, Bs.As.
  • + SUAVE - Cocoliche, Bs.As
  • ERUPCIONES (Live Set) - Planta INCLAN, Bs.As
  • Wrongtown Camp - Burning Man, U.S.A.
  • Kamp Suckle Fuckaye, Burning Man, U.S.A.
  • Savage Kingdom - Artcar Burning Man, U.S.A.